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BlueSpark provides a range of services that bring together strategy, people, processes and technology.

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What We Do

How do I know that BlueSpark can add value?

Fixed fees for clearly defined deliverables with agreed assumptions

Before we start work we will spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure that we have fully identified and agreed with you our precise deliverables for a fixed fee, exactly how we will work with you and our detailed assumptions to ensure that there is full transparency and agreement.

No commitment meetings to clarify your requirements and identify how we can add value

Your assigned BlueSpark partner will discuss with you and clarify your exact requirements, identify the best route to achieve them and set out precisely how we will support you and where we can add value.

A detailed proposal, which sets out what has been agreed

BlueSpark’s proposal to you will carefully record everything that was agreed in our meetings. It will set out clearly the value that we will deliver, how we will work with you and a fixed fee together with the assumptions we agreed. We will happily adjust any aspect of our proposal until it meets your requirements precisely. The agreed proposal forms our terms of reference, giving you full control over our work to achieve your objectives.

Our track record

We will be delighted to put you in touch with one or more BlueSpark clients who will be able to share their experience of working with us and the value we delivered.

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