Who We Are

We specialise in working with charities, membership organisations and other not-for-profit organisations, helping our clients do what they do but even better.

With over 25 years of working in these sectors on an enormous variety of projects, we have a wealth of experience, which can help our clients more easily see the wood for the trees and invest their limited time and money in tried and tested approaches and solutions. We pride ourselves on working closely with your people and having a down to earth approach.

BlueSpark is owned and led by Mike Caudrey and Kevin Miller, who are supported by expert associate consultants and in collaboration with other firms experienced in the sectors.

Mike Caudrey

Mike has been helping charity and membership organisations for over 25 years, as a consultant, trustee and in other voluntary capacities. His main specialisms are strategy development, organisation structure and governance.

As well as being a trustee of the Institute of Fundraising for 7 years, he is a longstanding supporter/friend of NCVO and ACEVO.

When he is not steeped in the voluntary sector, he still plays football (badly), League table-tennis (less badly), watches most sports and is an avid reader. This is of course when he and his wife Sarah are not feeding or tidying up after 5 sons.

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Kevin Miller

Kevin has been working to help charity and membership organisations for more than 25 years. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, has an honours degree in Economics from Exeter University.

Kevin’s consulting work specialises in organisational development, business process improvement and re-design and the application of information technology to support organisational strategy and improved customer-facing business processes.

He has been based in Hackney for over ten years now having returned to be back where he was born and where much of his family originated.

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What’s it like to be a BlueSpark client?

Always fully informed and in complete control

Regular project updates and BlueSpark’s flexibility mean that our clients are fully aware of progress on their project and they are able to adjust the level and nature of our support at any stage. Fees are controlled by regular monthly invoices, which show clearly our deliverables against agreed terms of reference.

One team dedicated to achieve your objectives

Your key staff together with our experienced consultants form one team with clear and agreed objectives. BlueSpark supplements your existing skills and resources providing excellent value for money while transferring our skills to your team. We deliver the objectives of the project and equip your staff to go on to continuously improve your organisation after we leave.

Clear communications and responsibilities

One of BlueSpark’s founding partners will be your one-to-one point of contact throughout our work with you and he will focus on ensuring we successfully give you the results and deliverables you need. Your BlueSpark partner will establish a close working relationship with your project sponsor and will participate in all key meetings and will always be available to deal with any questions or issues you may have.


Investing your supporters money wisely

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Membership Organisations

Delivering 1st class services to your members

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